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Rance wuz here...
Tuesday, 21 June 2005
Pirates of Pensacola, Chapters 27-31
1) I was a complete chicken as a child, but Polly found that warnings of a sea monster, intended to keep the kids close to home, just made her want to explore even more. Were you ever given a warning that backfired- making you have a stonger desire to do that which was warned against?

2) What was the sea monsters' name?

2b) Why does that name make me imagine the monster wearing a tophat and monocle? Oops, sorry, rhetorical question.

3)Polly lives for the pursuit of aventure; Morgan, in pursuit of stability; Isaac, in pursuit of gold. What do you live in pursuit of?

4)What's the strangest way or place that you've begun a relationship?

5)"Single-stick" and "head bumping" sound like interesting sports to watch, although I'm partial to the Caber Toss myself. What's your favorite sport to watch?

6) What's the oddest item you've bought at auction?

7) What's your weakness?

8) Describe your arch-enemy.

This section offers lots of lovely word-pictures to spark your imagination. Please send in your scrimshaws now.

Posted by captainhoof at 10:23 AM CDT
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Tuesday, 21 June 2005 - 4:35 PM CDT

Name: feenxc

1. now i'm going to give a little "life advice" here. listen well... you've all probably gone thru it with your own parents, "don't do drugs, don't have sex,..." all the typical don't-dos of growing up. being a not-too-normal person, i of course set out to do all the don't-dos. if i was told it was immoral, illegal, or unhealthy, i went after it. then i started to grow up (haven't finished yet), and found myself faced with raising a child. still being not-too-normal, i was a little scared. look at everything i had done! then, almost by accident, i stumbled across an interesting fact. MOST kids will try to do anything you tell them not to do! so i never outright told my kid not to do something. from a very early age, i explained drugs, their affect on people, the harm they can do. i told her how the tendency to alcoholism may be an inherited gene and we had a couple in our family, so it was something she would have to really think over. best advice ever, never drink sad, only drink happy. and the biggie, that i knew she would someday have sex, but this was something SHE had to decide. it was totally up to her, not to anyone else. and that she needed to tell me when she started, so we could go to a doctor, talk about protection, etc. thankfully, her pediatrician worked with doctors without borders and asked if he could start the aids talk with her when she was 12. the end result of all this, is that while i'm not naive, i know she drank and smoked pot in high school, i also know the kids she was with went camping, parked their cars, and not one of them killed someone while behind the wheel. i also know when she first had sex, and who with. the moral: don't tell them no, tell them facts.

2. althazar

2b. don't forget the walking stick

3. these days, chocolate

4. i do love to tell this story. i used to tend bar at a local club. one nite, while not working, but was drinking, one of our regulars came in, already drunk as a skunk. he announced that it was his 40th birthday. since there was only me, him, the bartender, and another friend of ours in the bar, i bought a round to celebrate. i was ready to go home after that, even got out of my seat and was saying good-bye to the guy i was sitting with (the other friend of ours), when out of the blue, birthday boy starts loudly proclaiming that he was going to dance naked on the bar. my butt hit that seat fast! he starts undressing, asking the bartender over and over if she had locked the door. she kept telling him yes. we waited a couple months before we told him the truth, the door was unlocked the whole time.
i'm not sure why, but i'm suddenly reluctant to tell the rest of this story. not sure why, i've been upfront about other stuff. i'll have to think this over....

5. nascar. go DJ!

6. never bought anything

7. again, chocolate

8. used to be my older sister, but as i got older, i realized i was wasting a lot of energy on someone not that important.

good job, toots. really enjoyed answering these questions. still thinking about the end of my story. maybe...


Tuesday, 21 June 2005 - 5:35 PM CDT

Name: Trillian
Home Page:

Good grief, how could I forget the walking stick? And white gloves.
Loved your answers!

Puh-leeeeeze finish your story.
(You know how I hate not knowing the end of a story...)

Tuesday, 21 June 2005 - 7:15 PM CDT

Name: Tony

Yes ma'am. Pretty please finish the story?

Tuesday, 21 June 2005 - 8:13 PM CDT

Name: Bard

Mr. Peanut moonlights from his Plantar's gig as a sea monster?

Tuesday, 21 June 2005 - 9:32 PM CDT

Name: feenxc

alright, i'm tired and a little silly... remember, you asked for it. now, where was i?

oh yeah, the birthday boy started to strip. he got as far as his shirt and shoes off, then danced for a while, with us encouraging him to go on. at this point, the friend sitting next to me suggested that the b-boy might be a little shy, what with him being in the middle of undressing all alone. i had had a few and immediately asked him if that was a dare. being male, he of course said yes. so off goes my shirt. (never dare me unless you are willing to take the consequences) this got me a nice compliment on my tattoo. the bartender told me later that she didn't know where to look, which was kinda silly, with a half naked guy dancing on the bar. i lost track of b-boy due to my own situation, but apparently my joining in worked, cause the next time i looked up, there was a totally naked guy dancing on the bar.

back to the friend sitting next to me. he made some inane comment about how my bra was not allowing full view of the tattoo. i ain't dumb, i knew what he was asking for. after some heavy thought (about 2 seconds), i turned my back to the bar, figuring this was now just between us, and unhooked the bra. in my entire life, i have never gotten such great compliments.

then he asked, very nicely and politely, if he would be allowed to touch. again, never in my life had anyone treated me with so much respect. i know, that's some statement to make, considering the situation, but you just had to be there. he absolutely touched my heart, among other things. and we have been together since. probably won't marry him, have dated others but always end up back with him. has to be the most interesting way to meet your soul-mate, because we will be together for the rest of our lives.

as a side note, the bartender ended up dating the naked guy for a while.


Wednesday, 22 June 2005 - 7:39 AM CDT

Name: Trillian

That is, without a doubt, the best how-we-got-together story I've heard. Ever.

How you managed to take drunken strip night at the bar and turn it into an "awww...." inducing love story is beyond me, but I'm deeply touched. That's beautiful!

Wednesday, 22 June 2005 - 5:02 PM CDT

Name: feenxc

thanks trillian! it turned out that i had attracted his interest a few weeks before this incident due to something else that happened while i was tending bar. he had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to express himself and the strip nite gave him the opening he needed. maybe someday i'll tell that tale.

why do i feel like you and i are talking to each other? has the old lady's bawdy story shocked everyone into silence? i had kinda hoped to spark some conversation... i've never been told i was boring before.


Wednesday, 22 June 2005 - 5:03 PM CDT

Name: labsnabys

I second Trillian...that is the best "how we met" story ever!

Wednesday, 22 June 2005 - 6:58 PM CDT

Name: Trillian
Home Page:

No, I definitely can't imagine anyone calling you boring.

Let's see, Rubber Duckee's (temporarily) left the building, Gnomie's on bed rest, couple people've wandered off in the long breaks... still hoping to find a way to kick start the group back into action.

Scrimshaws, people! We need scrimshaws!
(Answers to at least some of the questions would be nice, too.)

If you're stuck for ideas, email me.
maypanic-trillian(a)yahoo (dot) com

Thursday, 23 June 2005 - 1:17 AM CDT

Name: labsnabys

1) I was famous for venturing off to explore forbidden places when I was a kid. Gave my parents plenty of gray hairs, I'm sure. As an adult, there was one biggie that backfired on my folks...they warned me not to marry my then-boyfriend (and sat him down separately to warn him about me). Being the mature adult I was, this made me all the more determined to marry him and prove them wrong. Seven years later, I finally had to admit they were right.
2) Althazar
3) Happiness!
4) I met my first husband (see answer #1) at a softball game when he hit the ball so hard it flew into the parking lot and dented the hood of my brand new car.
5) Downhill ski racing
6) I've never bought anything at an auction
7) cheesecake (and men in uniform)
8) I am glad to say I am arch-enemy free at the moment!

Thursday, 23 June 2005 - 2:54 PM CDT

Name: therealfluffy


3...possibility it?....if friendship counts then yes, it probably

5...ahh....the 'watcher' likes to 'Toss the Caber'....i prefer the 'Highland Fling'.......

6...The preserved tooth of a rapidly dying out Emperor of beasts........the Tiger.


8...AAhhh.......Moriati to my, there is no-one......just misunderstanding and pride......


Sunday, 26 June 2005 - 7:52 PM CDT

Name: Trillian

Remember Bill Cosby's "Picture Pages"?

Scrimshaw pages, scrimshaw pages
run and draw your scrimshaw pages
run and get your crayon and your MSPaint
Scrimshaw pages, scrimshaw pages
run and draw your scrimshaw pages
while your friend Trillian
Plays bookclub here with you!

Should have questions for chapters 32-36 to Duckee by tomorrow, so they'll probably be posted by Tuesday or Wednesdsay.

Sunday, 26 June 2005 - 7:53 PM CDT

Name: Trillian

Intuition is your weakness? Care to elaborate?

Monday, 27 June 2005 - 7:26 AM CDT

Name: fluffy

intuition..............nothing more than extreme craftiness and intelligence..........not psychopathic or sociopathic...............(sorry, i know you want me to be either...or even

i'm female...........we are born with intuition......learn to use'll know i'm no

i'm just crafty and

je taime tout le


Tuesday, 28 June 2005 - 7:08 PM CDT

Name: Gnomie

I'm feeling okay today... so I thought I'd pop in to see how things are going.

1. I had a terrible habit as a child of missing curfews and instead of coming home to face the music... not coming home at all! It's a wonder my parents didn't murder me for it (or someone else murder me for that matter!)

3. I must say that chocolate is a biggie for me... but I think in all honesty, I live for love (of my children and my husband, and my friends.)

4. I've had a few relationships start in odd places or ways... but I must say that the way I met my hubby takes the cake. Not as good as your story feenxc - but weird anyway. I met my husband at McDonalds when he accompanied an old school friend (male) who wanted to catch up. At the time they were sharing a house, and I insisted that this guy bring his flatmate so that he didn't get any ideas about a possible relationship with me. I had arranged for them to meet me at McDonalds as it was my weekly treat for my son to have dinner there and let him play. In itself that may not seem odd. But the relationship of my friend to my future hubby is what changes that perception... they knew each other because my hubby was in the process of divorcing my friend's sister. I don't know many people who can say their first wife's brother introduced them to their wife, like hubby can.

5. I'm not a huge sport fan, although I have surprised a few males in my lifetime by enjoying watching boxing. I was watching the boxing one night in a pub with my mates and the guys sitting with us didn't believe that I was actually interested... at the end (a very short fight 'cos one guy inhialated the other) they changed their opinion when I responded to their comment that it was a good fight with the following response: How could it be a good fight when only one person was doing the fighting? The suddenly realised that I was genuinely interested in the fight and not trying to impress them. (Although, how they could consider me telling them they were blocking my view and to get out of the way as an attempt to impress them is beyond me.)

6. Never been to an auction, so I haven't bought anything.

7. I have a definite weakness for chocolate (especially creamy white chocolate mud cake!) and cream. I sometimes eat cakes and deserts simply so that I can have the cream to go with them.

8. At the moment, my arch-enemy is morning sickness! It's totally ruining my chocolate addiction!

Hope you are all well! I'm surviving, but trying to get lots of rest. I spent a week at my girlfriend's house playing with her adorable little baby girl which was totally refreshing! Now it's back to being mummy and getting lots of help from family to do so.

Gnomie :)

Tuesday, 28 June 2005 - 9:10 PM CDT

Name: Trillian

Hi Gnomie! Missed you muchly, great to hear from you again!

So glad you came to participate. I may be a bit tired, though, because I had to read your how-we-met three times before I could sort it out in my head. Great story!

Take care, sweetie.

Friday, 26 August 2005 - 1:41 PM CDT

Name: Tina
Home Page:


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